Sugaring is an amazing alternative to hair removal. Sugar paste used for hair removal is made up of all natural ingredients, and is even edible! Sugar, water, and lemon, are the components that make up the sugaring product I use on my clients.

With sugaring being natural with no toxins, chemicals, or resins, like most waxes are made up of, it is an ideal, affordable choice when investing in hair removal. Sugar can be used on almost all body parts, and with no shaving or waxing in between visits, hair growth slows down, hair comes in softer and sparser. When kept up with, long term, hair growth begins to decline over time!

Sugaring is ecofriendly, safe on sensitive skin, and can be easily removed from skin/clothes with water, that is if it gets on the wrong spot. Unlike wax, where that can ruin clothes, takes many chemical solutions, such as special oil, cleanser, etc. to remove of skin.

I don’t know about you, but on any given day, I would never want wax getting stuck on my body! Over the years many women that have waxed, converted to sugaring and never looked back. The pain, burns, blisters, and other awful experiences some woman had with waxing, I can confidently say, would not happen with sugar!

Sugaring isn’t just for treats to eat, it is way to exfoliate dead skin (not rip of top layer, like wax is known for), minimize ingrown hairs, and leave you feeling smooth. Give it a try, or you will never understand we so many crave, Sugar, the healthy sugar that is.

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